The beautiful Gluggle Jug is one of our most popular gifts. We hear from many customers who have bought one for a friend or family member, who have gone on to order one for their own home, due to its uniqueness, style and the ability to make us smile whenever it gets used!

What is a Gluggle Jug?

 A gluggle jug can also be known as a glug glug jug or a gurgle jug, crafted in a unique fish design that is available in a wide range of stunning colours. It is unique in style, but also in sound, making a soothing glugging noise as you pour water from it. This is created by air getting trapped in the tail when you fill it with water, which is released during pouring for a wonderful sound that people will love to stop and listen to.

Where does the Gluggle Jug come from?

The Gluggle Jug was originally crafted over a hundred years ago by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire. Dartmouth Pottery was one of the best known manufacturers of the jug until it closed down in 2002, when Wade Ceramics purchased the mould and continued in the production of these stunning accessories. The jug went on to advertise Plymouth Gin over many years, causing fascination with the wonderful sounds that it would make.

The popularity of the Gluggle Jug increased in 1958, after the Queen and Prince Philip were presented with a beautiful pair of jugs upon their visit to the Britannia Naval College where they were presenting the New Colours. The jugs were finished with a green glaze and featured the royal insignia. People have since started to collect the jugs, acquiring one in every colour.  

What can I do with a Gluggle Jug?

When it was created the Gluggle Jugs main purpose was to hold and pour water. It makes an excellent centre piece to a dining table or kitchen, making the wonderful glug glug noise as people help themselves to a drink of water. It soon became an ornament, perfect for placing around the home as a way to brighten a room and add interest. It is now also very popular for using as a vase, looking beautiful when filled with fresh, colourful flowers, with a story behind it that you can regale to guests in your home who are sure to notice it. We've also heard of customers using their Gluggle Jug to store utensils, stationary and for mixing cocktails!

Start your Gluggle Jug collection today by browsing our wide range of stunning colours, then delight in the novelty and soothing sounds that it will offer you and your home.

Post By Kimberley