With Father’s Day fast approaching you may be considering what gift to buy for yours. With the past year of Covid having made it more difficult to spend quality time with our loved ones, perhaps you would like to make this year's gift extra special and something that they will be able to enjoy beyond that one day.

If your father has ever shown an interest in whisky or has been looking for a new tipple to enjoy, then this month's blog is for you! We take a closer look at how best to get the most from a glass of the good stuff, with some wonderful gift ideas of accessories that can accompany the luxurious bottle.

What should I drink my whisky from?

Whisky is best served in a glass tumbler, anything else may impact on the quality of the flavour.

Browse our extensive range of whisky glasses, each with a beautiful countryside themed emblem that your father will love.

How should I drink my glass of whisky?

  • After pouring your whisky pick up the glass and swirl it around for a moment. You will be able to tell how strong the tipple is by how much the liquid sticks to the side of the glass. 
  • Put your nose over the opening of the glass and breath it in with your mouth open a little. See what flavours you can determine from what you can smell.
  • Take a sip. Hold it in your mouth for a few seconds to appreciate the flavour and then swallow.
  • If you find the taste of the whisky overpowering try a few more sips, as this will usually allow you to get used to it.

How can I keep my whisky fresh?

The key to keeping any beverage fresh is to use a bottle stopper or cork. We have a wide range of bottle stoppers that are designed in a countryside theme, such as a stag or pheasant. The perfect gift for your whisky loving dad!

Any other whisky tips?

  • If you find the taste of whisky quite harsh, add a few drops of water to make it smoother. It may also enhance the flavour.
  • Always try whisky neat before adding water or ice, you may be surprised that you like the taste as it is.
  • You can avoid warming the glass by holding it at the base. 
  • Remember that a little whisky goes a long way, so always pour smaller amounts.
  • To add variety, try using whisky in a cocktail.
  • Finally, take your time and enjoy your glass of whisky!




Post By Kimberley