It is always a wonderful feeling to have something warm and snuggly that we can cosy up to, especially during winter. This is often in the form of a hot water bottle or a wheat bag, which are perfect for warming us up in bed and also for carrying around the home when we need comfort. 

But which is better, a hot water bottle or a wheat bag? We have a taken a closer look at both, to see if one is safer than the other.

What is a hot water bottle?

  • Hot water bottles are typically made from rubber materials, designed to allow the heat to come through and onto your bed or body. 
  • To use a hot water bottle you fill it with boiling water from the kettle or tap and close it with a stopper at the top.

How does a hot water bottle work?

  • The heat from the water inside the bottle will radiate through the rubber material and heat the surface that you place it upon.
  • It is usually used between the sheets of a bed in order to heat it before you get into it. It can also be used to soothe areas of the body that are sore or aching. 

What is a wheat bag?

  • Containing 100% natural wheat inside an attractive outer bag, wheat can absorb both the hot and cold.
  • The wheat inside the bag is perfect for distribution around the body, settling around your shape and contours so that you can feel the heat or cold evenly.
  • This is a natural therapy that does not involve any medication or invasive procedure.

How does a wheat bag work?

  • Applying heat to the aching area of your body will increase the blood flow, which brings with it oxygen and proteins.
  • You can use a wheat bag warm from the microwave or cold from the freezer.
  • Wheat bags are often seen as a safer alternative to a hot water bottle. 
  • It will offer instant relief and can be reused many times.

Which is best? A hot water bottle or wheat bag?

This decision will mainly be led by personal preference and what you are used to. Generally however, even though hot water bottles can be reused with different covers, which can be fun if you wish to use different themes or characters, a wheat bag could be considered to be the safer option. 

  • A wheat bag can be easier to fit around areas of the body, as it is not restricted by the contents.
  • Wheat bags can also be used from the freezer, if you need to put a cold compress on an injury.
  • The rubber of a hot water bottle can degrade over time, especially as it is constantly being weakened by the hot water inside. If not noticed in time, this could lead to potential burns, should the rubber break. 
  • There is always a risk that the stopper at the top of a hot water bottle has not been secured properly, again leading to the risk of burns

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Post By Kimberley