Remaining popular throughout the year, the mugs in our Bryn Parry collection are fun, colourful and make wonderful country gifts for every occasion.

There is nothing quite like enjoying your first cuppa of the day from a fine china mug, and one with a novel design guarantees to brighten up even the dreariest of Monday mornings.

I personally find that mugs make great Christmas stocking fillers, as we all use them, and they are something you can never have enough of.  So allow us to share some of our favourites from Bryn Parry studios to give you some inspiration:

The ‘Fun Shoot/Serious Shoot’ mug would make a fantastic country gift for any hunting enthusiast.  Depicting two different hunting themes, one on each side of the mug, it is sure to bring a smile your face.

Need a country gift for the racing fan?  No problem, take a look at this fantastic ‘Racing’ mug from the same Bryn Parry collection, one jockey is racing forwards, the other backwards!

For our fly-anglers, this humours ‘Changing Flies’ mug features a rather flustered fisherman waist high in the river trying to change his fly while the fish jump around behind him!

All of the mugs in our Bryn Parry country gift collection are made from the finest bone china and hold just under half a pint of liquid. So stock up on these great stocking filler items, and your Christmas shopping will be done before you know it.

Post By Marc