We love our collection of Gluggle Jugs and lots of our customers do to, with many of them enjoying the beautiful design and fascinating sound of the ‘glug glug’ jug. Designed in the shape of a fish, they are uniquely created so that, when water is poured out of them, there is a ‘glug glug’ sound. Not only is this a lovely jug for displaying in the home, the sound is wonderfully entertaining and something that children absolutely love.

Gluggle Jugs are available in a range of colours that all maintain the classic design, ensuring that every home can have a ‘gurgle jug’ to match their existing accessories and home décor. The jugs are extremely useful around the house too, for using as a water pitcher jug on a dining table, a flower jug for displaying beautiful bunches of stems and any number of other interior design ideas that you can think of. The jug can also be used simply as a beautiful ornament around the home, in colours that will match your home interior. The Gluggle Jugs not only look great, they have a rich history behind them too.

The initial design of these jugs can be traced back to the 1870s and Thomas Forester & Son, but it is Dartmouth Pottery that most people will associate them with. The rich history continued in 1958 when the Queen and Prince Philip were presented with a pair of jugs at Britannia Naval College, which immediately helped them to become collector’s items.

In 2002 Dartmouth Pottery closed and the future of the Gluggle Jug was safeguarded by Wade Ceramics and Gluggle Ltd. Wade Ceramics bought the rights to the distinctive fish mould and since then Gluggle Ltd have been boosting the popularity of the jugs in the UK. At Country & Home we’re delighted to stock these beautiful jugs, with so many colours and finishes to choose from. They are fantastic for gifting and will look beautiful in any room of the home.

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Post By Dan