Country sports are, by their very nature, a great way of getting outdoors and enjoying our Great British countryside.  A great many people enjoy a spot of fishing or clay pigeon shooting simply to find some peace in getting out there, away from the particular stresses and strains of modern life.

Unfortunately though, there are some aspects of modern life that you can't get away from, even when out in the field.  Obviously, shotguns need to be regulated, necessitating a need for paperwork and forms to offer those of us that wish to participate in shooting sports a shotgun license.  This piece of paper, allows us to carry our gun and assure enforcement agencies of our skill and respect for it.  The shotgun certificate is also required by merchants before allowing a person to buy ammunition or service their gun.  For this reason, many shooting enthusiasts realise the advantages in carrying their certificate with them whilst out and about.

A sensible precaution to avoid any potential hassles with land-owners, law enforcement and buying any spares.  But it does bring about its own set of particular problems.

Why, not only is this piece of paper rather expensive to acquire, but the huntsman is often quite proud of it too!

Yes, this little certificate allows us to get out there and unwind from the hassles of everyday life.  It reminds us of our skill and dedication to our sport.  It allows us to continue to practice. It needs to be protected and loved.  Not crumpled up in a pocket!

We understand this dilemma, here at The Arundell Arms, because we too have faced it! And it is why we commissioned our very own Shotgun Certificate Wallet.


Specially designed to help keep your shotgun certificate, not only handy and on your person while out indulging your passion for shooting sports, but protected with a country flair cultivated by men of style and poise.

Crafted from leather, we have commissioned it in four colours.  Allowing the shotgun certificate wallet to reflect your own preferences and personal tastes.  Available in bold black, traditional dark brown, natural light brown and flamboyant tan, the wallet is secured by a button, for a vintage look and easy-to-operate finish - even when wearing gloves! The front of the wallet is adorned with a gold huntsman mid-shoot, not only an aspirational image but also handy for distinguishing the shotgun certificate wallet from your conventional wallet when tucked into your pocket.

wallet tan black

We think that the shotgun certificate wallet would make an excellent gift for hunter in your life!  Whether an old pro at shooting sports or a new shooting enthusiast this practical and stylish gift is sure to be appreciated, and with its innate quality, you can be sure it will be used for many years to come.

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Post By Sadie