You’ve only got to watch an episode of the latest home design programme on the television to realise that while modern design, with its clean lines and smooth steel, is still a force to be reckoned with, an authorative answer to this contemporary style has been gaining popularity.  A resurgence of rustic, country styling has risen to prominence; where modern décor is about harsh whites juxtaposed against vibrant primary colours, country glamorises rich, warming tones.  Contemporary prizes a show-home look, whereas country is lived-in and comfortable.  The new is minimalist, and the old is filled with the activity of the family.

The bathroom is an often neglected area of the home, from a design point of view.  Yet, when you really think about it, it is one of the most important and used rooms of the house.  Whether you’re looking for ideas for a whole new country bathroom, or just accents to help your get the look, we’ve put together some inspirational ideas to help get you started.
The mirror is an important part of the bathroom ritual.  It is both the tool that helps us remove traces of the day for a relaxing evening with the family and often one of the main design focal points of the room.  Country style can allow you to go big with mirrors, with vintage-inspired luxury mouldings or rustic driftwood frames making a handsome feature.


The double sink is a sign of opulence in a country bathroom, but also a sign of the activity of life that is so important.  Allowing two people to complete their ablutions at the same time, ready to rush down the stairs to the smell of the breakfast cooking on the range!

The freestanding sink has grown massively in popularity, as it can be placed in amongst almost any surroundings, and is miles apart from the usual moulded sink found in every other home.  This country accessory is almost reminiscent of simpler times with washbowls and bathtubs often being separate and freestanding, and it can be combined with vintage furniture pieces to really make a statement.

The country bathroom has to house the lotions and potions of the whole family, so accessories are very important.  In the form of baskets, pots and shelves to help confine the clutter away from surfaces, these are useful organisation tools.  The country bathroom is almost always decorated with life-giving fresh or dried floral arrangements and relaxing candles for ambience.


We hope that our round up of the signature country style has helped to provide decorative inspiration for your home.  For more country style ideas why not take a look at our bathroom products that are sure to strike just the right chord in your new cosy, country bathroom?

Post By Sadie